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A year-round online community for Canadians working in Digital Marketing and Social Media.

For the past five years, SocialWest, SocialEast, SocialCentral and SocialAtHome have brought thousands of people together, and now the SocialClub will offer Canadians unprecedented and year-round opportunities for networking and professional development.

The SocialClub is where you can meet like-minded professionals, share resources, attend highly-engaging webinars, learn how to continually optimize your skills in an ever-changing industry. You'll have access to white papers and how to’s written by some of the country's leading social media and digital marketing experts.

SocialClub is currently available only to attendees of SocialAtHome: Forward - check your email for an invitation to join.

Memberships will be available for purchase in early November 2020.

What to Expect

Monthly webinars and access to over 30 hours of content from our events and conferences.

Access to whitepapers and guides written by some of our favourite Canadian digital marketing experts.

Exciting and engaging networking opportunities for like-minded Canadian professionals that work in social media, digital marketing, communications, and PR.

Share your own successful strategies in our lively discussion areas. Or ask questions and gain insights and new perspectives from your colleagues across the country.

Who are the members of SocialClub?

The SocialClub is for anyone working in digital marketing, social media, marketing and communications in Canada. It's home for those interested in growing their network with like-minded individuals where you can share you tips, insights and learn from each other in a safe, inclusive and productive environment.

  • Communications & Marketing Professionals
  • Social Media Managers
  • Digital Marketers
  • Public Relations Practitioners
  • CMOs, VPs of Marketing, and Other Marketing Leaders
  • Small Business Owners / Operators
  • Communications and Marketing Students
  • Content Managers
  • Self-represented professionals & artists
  • Photographers, videographers, technicians and artists who want to provide services to social media marketers
  • Marketing agency staff and leadership